About Us

We are Global Sales, Marketing, & Technology Specialists with a one stop solution with a highly experienced & professional team with the Extensive Trade Knowledge & Global Collaborations.

We are specialized in helping manufacturers and traders to find adhesive solutions based on their specific requirements and applications.

Saine Global is a division of Saine Life India LLP a leading company of Speciality Adhesives, Chemicals and Consumer Care Products.

Our Collaborations with Industry Leaders and international technology pioneers have been instrumental in the company's exponential growth and recognition. Through this our company caters to a large base of Indian as well as foreign clients.

About Adhesives :

• Fast curing and excellent physical properties
• Easy to prepare surface pre-treatment
• Broad temperature resistance up to 130℃ down to -20℃
• Lower cost than high cost structural epoxy

Our Vision :

- Focus shows us the entire picture in its minute detail. It entails us understanding the bigger picture in a better way. From the starting point to the end point there are numerous ways to draw a route.

- However, from its conception, to reach the success it deserves every business must expand. That is the only way fora business to grow and develop. An expanding business not only grows, but at some point in time, it also begins extending all the assets, resources, profitability, and progress along with it. It drives all those related to it into the glorious future of prosperity.

- That is how everything grows organically. The growth is all-around, all integrated. This overall growth is because of the result of the expansion. That is why, expansion driven growth is the only way for any and every business can grow, develop and prosper.