Acrylic Structural Adhesive AR-110ST


Two-component reactive acrylic adhesive, AR-110ST features fast
curing time and excellent bond strength.
It can be used for various materials such as electric and electronic
parts and automobile parts.

  • Exhibits excellent adhesion
  • Heat resistance
  • Durability
  • Weather resistance
  • Cold resistance
  • Impact resistance
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Directions for use

To increase bond strength and environmental aging resistance, all other contaminants must be completely removed form the surface.

(Wipe surface free dust and dirt with clean cloth, and abrade using clean fine grit adrasives)

Properties Test condition Value
Viscosity 24°C 25,000 cps
Density 24°C 1.15 g/cm3
Overlap Shear Acrylic 24°C 1,500 psi
Polyester fiber reinforced 24°C 1,200 psi
Aluminium 24°C 3,800 psi
Thermal Shock 4,000 psi
SUS 24°C 3,200 psi
Thermal Shock 3,500 psi


Overlap shear values measured using ASTM D1002 : 1/2″ OVERLAP;, 0.010″ Bond line thickness.
Thermal Shock :-20″C for 8hrs to 80’C for 8hrs, 3 cycles


Additional information


Black, Brown, Grey, Transparent, Yellow


Bluck(18kg), Bluk(5kg), Cartridge(250ml), Cartridge(50ml), Cartridge(75ml), Tube(75g)


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